Example 3: Point pattern analysis with NetLogo agents

see an example output here

extensions [r]

to setup

  ;; load R package spatstat for spatial statistics
  r:eval "library(spatstat)"


to go
  ;; send agent variables into an R data-frame
  (r:putagentdf "agentset" turtles "who" "xcor" "ycor")

  ;; create point pattern with vectors of x- and
    ;; y-coordinates of turtles and the dimensions    
    ;; of the window/world
  let revalstring (word "agppp <- ppp(agentset$xcor, 
                   agentset$ycor, c(" min-pxcor "," max-pxcor "), 
                   c(" min-pycor "," max-pycor "))")
  r:eval revalstring
  ;; calculate L function with simulation of goodness-of-fit envelope
  r:eval "Lsim <- envelope(agppp, Lest)"
  ;; get results from R
  let r r:get "Lsim$r"
  let obs r:get "Lsim$obs"
  let theo r:get "Lsim$theo"
  let high r:get "Lsim$hi"
  let low r:get "Lsim$lo"