Example 1: Random values and Spearman's rho (correlation)

extensions [r]

turtles-own [weight height]

to setup
  ;; create turtles with weight and height randomly chosen from 
    ;; Weibull and Beta distribution
  crt 40
    set weight r:get "rweibull(1,1)"
    set height r:get "rbeta(1,1,1)"

to go 

  ;; create R list from turtles 
  (r:putagent "turtles" turtles "weight" "height")

  ;; calculate correlation between weight and height
  r:eval "c <- cor.test(turtles$weight,turtles$height, 
          method = 'spearm', alternative = 'g'"
  let rho r:get "c$p.value"
  let p r:get "c$estimate"